The recently released movie Waar has proved once again that Pakistani nation has the capacity to do wonder in every field. It is an action movie dealing with the menace of terrorism which Pakistan is facing for more than a decade. It shows the different aspects of extremists and how they are funded by foreign countries to destabilise Pakistan. It also highlights the valour of our security forces which are protecting the country and working day and night to counter the nefarious designs of our enemies.

The movie tells the story of a retired Major Mujtaba who had served in counter terrorism department and spent a very successful career in nabbing the top most terrorists and foiling their terrorist activities. During service he also became the victim of terrorists’ enmity and lost his family when his house was exploded with a bomb. The security forces ask for his help against a terrorist and serial killer Ramal (portrayed as an Indian RAW agent) who enters Pakistan with plans of destruction. Major Mujtaba is assisted by anti-terrorism team mainly Javeria who works for FIA and her brother Ehtasham who is expert in field operations. The other main characters are Ejaz Khan who is a sincere politician and wants to do something for his nation. He talks about the positive change in Pakistan but fell prey to this serial killer whose only purpose is devastation in the country. Ramal is teamed up with extremist Taliban and also assisted by a young lady Zoya disguised a social worker but in reality working for some foreign organisation (RAW). She assists Ramal in reaching his targets. All these plans and terrorist activities are countered by our security forces working under Major Mujtaba’s leadership with the help of Pak Army.

The movie is full of action and grisly scenes of killing and slaughtering people. It highlights the efforts of Pakistani security forces in their fight against terrorism and how their lives are affected and how they live burying their sorrows in their hearts. Bilal Lashari has proved his directing skills by casting some of people which do not have a long history of acting like Meesha Shafi, Ali Azmat and Shamoon Abbasi. He left no stone unturned to make this movie a new benchmark for the upcoming movies. The movie has an impressive cinematography and well executed action sequences involving terrorists and security forces.

When it comes to characterisation, it is pertinent to mention that being an action film most of its characters were round. There was not any character which has to go through complex psychological conditions. All the actors did justice to their roles and proved their acting talent. Shan as usual gets into his character effortlessly. He has given a very remarkable performance with extremely convincing facial expressions. He performed his role not less that any renowned action hero of Hollywood. Ayesha Khan’s role was also according to her flaunting beauty. This is Hamza Abbasi’s second movie and one can easily witness a talented artiste hiding in his personality. The Waar villain Shamoon Abbasi was successful in his role of bad guy who really made horrified the audience with his role and genuine facial expressions. The role of Ayesha Khan also suited to her flaunting beauty. Meesha Shafi was looking good in her role. If any weakness is seen, it is Ali Azmat’s acting. Only his last scene where he was stabbed was close to reality.

The movie is a revival of nationalism and it stands tall against all the propaganda done against our country in international media and especially in the neighbouring country – India. It has primarily projected the Pakistani perspective on the menace of terrorism and the involvement of foreign hands in it. It also enlightens the audience that how much our army and the official of security forces suffer in this war.

 Movie: Waar | Directed by Bilal Lashari | Written by Hassan Waqas | Produced by Hassan Waqas Rana, Omer Manzoor | Released by Mandviwalla Entertainment and ARY Films

Cast:Shaan Shahid (as Mujtaba), Meesha Shafi (as Zoya), Ali Azmat (as Ejaz Khan), Shamoon Abbasi (as Ramal), Ayesha Khan (as Javeria), Hamza Abbasi (as Ehtasham)