When I was a collegiate and used to visit a few of my role model lawyers and professors of law in my home district Larkana and second home Hyderabad, I used to notice punctuality, patience, tolerance, diligence, legal wisdom and such other highly valued ethical and moral, academics and philosophical virtues among the members of the legal profession. Senior lawyers always used to advise their juniors to focus on the “human side” of the profession.

I vividly remember the golden words one of the Professors of law from Sindh Law College, Hyderabad, used to quote in his introductory lecture to the students of LLB. Par (1), “A good lawyer is always a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem.” But the situation nowadays has completely taken a turn around were the lawyer becomes the problem himself.

Last week, I visited a few friends, a few students in different bar rooms in the country; I was really shocked to notice that the above-mentioned virtues were missing completely among them, exceptions are always there. This deterioration of these fundamental virtues among the highly valued and rewarding profession, has really upset me as a humbly disciple of law and political science.

The lawyers have now the same reputation as the corrupt police and bureaucracy has in Pakistan. The ill-fated who become entangled in their designs have a heavy price to pay and they make them pay through the nose. It is very sad to see the absence of moral values in our country. I would like to make a personal request to all professional to be true to their professions and the nature of their jobs.

Many noble professions have become degraded and it has muddied the character of the people practicing them as well. The “Legal Code of Conduct” should be enforced in its true spirit and those lawyers who have developed unpleasant and dreadful habits should be taken to task.


Islamabad, October 29.