In order to establish writ of the state, it is both the duty and prerogative of the executive to evolve and adopt a comprehensive policy and ensure its effective implementation in the country. For it, the executive has to take some necessary and effective measures. Likewise, parliament is an institution which consisting of the public representatives duly mandated by the people of the country. Therefore, it is the appropriate and official forum for making consultations and discussions on all the issues of national importance. The collective wisdom of the parliament should be tried and relied to evolve any national policy.

Like the past governments, the present federal government has also opted for calling and holding of the All Parties Conference (APC) to address the issue of terrorism in the country. In fact, the past APC’s have done nothing except paying lip service to this sensitive issue involving the security and future of the country. The recent APC hurriedly decided to try the dialogue option to curb the menace of terrorism in the country without analyzing the various important dimensions of the issue. In principle, these issues should have first been discussed by an appropriate body- the Parliament. The parliament, after comprehensively evaluating the issues through debates and discussions should have recommended a proper modus operandi to tackle this sensitive issue.

Instead of the political parties, the important national issues are discussed and decided by the elected public representatives all over the world. After the 9/11 incident in America, there were not the Democratic and Republican parties but the President and the Congress of US that made the crucial decisions regarding the national security. Likewise, after the 2001 Parliament attack in India, the executive and the Parliament of India together made decision for the massive military mobilization along the international border to build pressure on Pakistan. Regrettably, in Pakistan, it is just the other way round.

The Parliament of Pakistan has passed the resolution against drone attacks being conducted in the tribal areas but it was never implemented by the executive, thus undermining its authority and effectiveness. Likewise, the newly promulgated ‘Protection of Pakistan’ ordinance is also an obvious example of bypassing the parliament and undermining its authority in the country.


Lahore, October 22.