Malala a daughter of Pakistan has been maligned by hate mongers, who have started a malicious campaign against her. They cannot see the sixteen year old girls’ soaring popularity on the world stage. She has been fighting against the typical negative mindset of the conservatives. She believes that she has a mission to fulfill, and she has chosen to confront them. These cowards can intimidate, and talk against her, but cannot harm her. She personifies the millions of children in the world who are deprived of the right of education. She is their last hope.

She has become a symbol for the movement for the deprived and poor children of the world. Thanks to her incessant struggle and speaking up for their rights to education she has appealed to the international community to help these children generously. This malicious campaign has been orchestrated by the conservative, religio-political parties. They cannot see some woman making strides in the society. They want to keep them captive within four walls of a house. They do not want them to get education and progress in the world.

The daughters of our nation have never hesitated to sacrifice their lives for the motherland they do not shy away from any sacrifice for the cause of education or any other such important matters. Our own people have created an impression that these awards and honors are given to her by the foreign powers as the result of a greater conspiracy against Pakistan, to bring disrepute to the nation.

They also question her credentials for all these awards. What miracle has she performed, except that she was shot by some lunatic? They think she does not deserve this publicity and fanfare. It cannot be forgotten that Malala raised her voice against the Taliban’s when they had occupied her home town Swat.

She unmasked them and wrote about their cruelty and activities which were harming the children. They were demolishing the girl’s schools by blowing them up, and created havoc for those who went to school. They were being deprived of their right to education. These terrorists were using brute force to keep these girls away from schools, and closing the doors of knowledge and enlightenment on them.

These honors have been given to her to honor her she never asked for them. Let a daughter of Pakistan become a symbol of peace and education for once let us have a positive impression on the world. She has been working for a good cause. We should assist her, instead of criticizing her. This vilification campaign must end now.


Lahore, October 29.