California (MOL): No one wants to be sitting next to an oddball for the duration of an 11-hour flight. But surely stalking your fellow passengers online is more than a little creepy.

A new app will allow passengers to pry on their fellow fliers' social profiles before even setting foot on the plane.

Quicket, a travel app for smartphones and tablets, which facilitates ticket booking, flight tracking and provides detailed airport maps, has released its updated version this week.

The 'social check-in' option allows passengers to view others who have chosen seats on the plane by just clicking on their avatar linked to their social profiles.

Nosy fliers can even log in anonymously enabling them to view other passenger´s avatars, without providing any of their personal information.

But luckily, your fellow passengers won't be able to spy on you without your consent. 'Only users who approve the social feature will be presented on the flight,' said a spokesman. To be seen or to see fellow passengers, air travellers will have to check in themselves.  Fellow passengers will then be able to look at their profile, read information about them and study their photographs.

The app's iOS and Android versions both include Facebook 'social check-in'. 

Other features of the app including the ability to book tickets for yourself and companions, choosing from all available options; review seat options and luggage rules; check-in directly and track flights.