Politico religious parties have started preaching on subjects that they do not understand and hence mislead the poor masses. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’) who have taken refuge in reasonably peaceful dwellings of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have become favourite targets of these leaders, whose sole aim is to earn sympathy of the affected persons, even if it misleads them. These leaders during their addresses to the IDP’s keep demanding that the government should immediately repatriate these IDP,’ quoting army sources that said that 80 percent of the disturbed area had been cleared.

It should be realized that the Army is not fighting a traditional battle, facing a known visible adversary. They are fighting militants who are dwellers of the same area and do not assume any identity other than the local population, so it is easy for them to escape army’s onslaught, to melt in the local population. Secondly, the area cleared remains infested with unexploded missiles, IEDs and mines so after occupation by the troops these areas have to be cleaned of the deadly arsenal, which can pose danger to the IDPS if they return in these areas.


Peshawar, October 30.