The British star found fame as a youngster after being cast as boy wizard Harry Potter in the popular franchise, when the books got a Hollywood makeover.

However, because he was thrust into the spotlight at such a young age, Daniel now tries extra hard to not be seen as spoilt.

“Are you asking whether, if I hadn’t been a child star,  I don’t think so,” Daniel laughed to British magazine Grazia. “I think people expect me to be an obnoxious brat, because all child stars are, so sometimes I am overzealously polite.”

Moving away from his magical past, Daniel’s latest movies offer something completely different. In indie drama What If he played the romantic lead, and in new film Horns he portrays a young man who has to deal with two mysterious horns that sprout from his head in the wake of his girlfriend’s death.

Whatever character he portrays, 25-year-old Daniel has a loyal fan following that rush to see his latest work. Some fans get a little over familiar with the star though and end up telling him about their problems.

“Some people feel such a connection to me through my films that they think I’m the person to talk about very heavy stuff - suicidal thoughts and things. I’ve said to people in the past, ‘I appreciate you telling me this, but you should tell someone you know, who you can talk to regularly.’ Having a very intense conversation over the barricade at a premiere is not the way that you should do it. It’s heart-breaking,” he sighed.