Lahore- Ameer Jamat-ul-Dawat Pakistan Professor Hafiz Muhammad Syed has said that India was involved in the Wagha border bomb blast.

He added that tension was created at line of control; subsequently, terrorist activities have been started inside Pakistan. “Through proper strategy, country is being weakened; however, government should take a clear stance and come up with evidences against our arch rival,” he maintained.

He stated that killing of Kashmiri had risen whereas terrorist activities in Pakistan have also increased soon after Narinder Modi become Prime Minister. He deplored that Islam is in threat; its enemies are weakening it through bomb blasts; though, unity is needed.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed further added that America was encouraging India to go against Pakistan due to its defeat in Afghanistan but Islamabad was an atomic power whereas America’s conspiracies cannot weaken it. Moreover, he added that culprits should be brought to justices.