LAHORE - The PML-Q will start its reorganisation campiagn from South Punjab by holding first workers’ convention in Bahawalpur on November 22.

Senior leaders planning party’s reorganisation in Punjab told The Nation on Sunday that first function would be held in Bahawalpur in NA-187, the constituency won by MNA Tariq Bashir Cheema.

The first show of PML-Q effort to reorganise the party afresh would be a real test for Tariq Cheema who won NA-187 by grabbing 92967 votes, as he had been asked by the top leadership to bring at least half of his voters to create an impressive impression to compel the political gurus praising the Q-League in a bid to give it a new life. When asked about the next leg of the reorganisation campaign, they said, “It is planned by party leadership that the first round of drive would be organised in the districts from where two party MNAs and six MPAs got elected in general elections.” They added that changes could be made after the first test of party’s reorganisation show at Bahawalpur in Cheema’s constituency.

The two MNAs of PML-Q include party’s Punjab president Ch Pervaiz Elahi who got elected from NA-105 (Gujrat) and Tariq Bashir Cheema from NA-187 (Bahawalpur). The six MPAs of PML-Q are Ahmad Shah Khagga PP-229 (Pakpattan), Ch Moonis Elahi PP-110 (Gujrat), Ch Aamir Sultan Cheema PP-32 (Sarghoda), Muhammad Afzal PP-276 (Bahawalpur), Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai PP-183 (Kasur) and Sardar Vickas Hassan Mokal PP-180 (Kasur). The reorganisation drive indicates towards the PML-Q’s focus on Punjab at this stage, as the PML-Q high command has not announced similar plans for other provinces.

However, the party leaders have claimed that plans for similar party’s reorganisation in other provinces would be announced soon, as party’s central leadership is going to hold a meeting for this purpose after Ashura in the federal capital. Moonis Elahi, the political heir of party’s top leader Pervaiz Elahi, has been given the task of heading party’s reorganisation committee, which would hold meetings and tours of the districts for organising workers’ conventions.

Moonis would carry out the task with the assistance of senior party leaders and submit the reports of the outcome of committee’s efforts to PML-Q Punjab president Pervaiz Elahi. The reorganisation committee’s meetings would be launched after the Ashura.

PML-Q, which came to real lime light once again by successfully projecting itself as the partner of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s Inqilaab march, had planned to exploit this opportunity for party’s reorganisation sometime back and waiting for the drop scene of Islamabad’s Inqilaab sit-in.

The day Dr Tahirul Qadri announced wrapping up the sit-in from Islamabad, the PML-Q had started meeting for party’s reorganisation.