Social and economic justice and rule of law are the most vital ingredients of peace and progress in any society and state. Unfortunately, we in Pakistan even after 67 years have not been able to establish justice and rule of law, which is the root cause of all challenges including the existentialist threat that we are confronted with. That state failed to deliver necessary services to the masses, the system of governance is heavily tilted towards promoting the interests of the elite classes, promoting culture of graft and entitlement. After only 14 months of the elections and the installation of a government mandated to rule for five years, we are back to our old ways. The Government which has been given five year mandate to run the affairs of the country must be allowed to complete its term and the people of Pakistan allowed to give there verdict on its performance, in the next elections like they did in the case of PPP in 2013.


Lahore, October 29.