Some kind of natural disaster is now an annual feature ,along with panic, unpreparedness, appeals for donations, photo sessions of VIPs, speeches, allocation of funds as rulers generosity, a routine. Costly organisations exist but planning is not visible anywhere.

Practically, the disaster affectees cannot be helped effectively, unless their minimum specific requirements are met in an organised manner. This is possible if funds are available and required essentials are procured from established sources and supplied in an organised manner, including cooked food for first few days as affectees have no means to cook. NGOs may help as an additional support to relief and rehabilitation efforts. Of-course, visualizing various disasters, preparing plans accordingly and testing these plans are responsibilities of the organisations created for this purpose.

For prompt relief operations, a separate disaster management budget may also be maintained by federal and provincial governments which should not lapse but carried over to increase if not spent. Storage facilities of non—perishable items may also be created, to be supplemented with fresh procurements when required. Suffice to say at the end that there is no excuse for not allocating sufficient budget for the affectees who contribute to GDP, revenue and are worthy citizens of Pakistan .


Rawalpindi, October 26.