Islamabad (PR) - Hanban Confucius Institute Headquarters and China Radio International (CRI) with a view to promote relationship between China and Pakistan hosted a winter camp in Beijing for the students of Roots Millennium Schools, Islamabad.

The Millennials Leena Arshad, Shahzymin Ahmed and Zehra Noor were accompanied by chaperon Afshan Imran on this winter camp. Students from 9 different countries participated in the camp.

The young Millennials interacted with the students of Confucius classrooms across the globe, enjoyed the hospitality extended by the China Radio International and experienced the rich Chinese culture.

The young Millennials also had the exposure of Chinese language classes in Beijing Royal School, visited the significant historical places, climbed the Great Wall of China and enjoyed the Chinese tea.

The four participants of Roots Millennium Schools along with other participants from 9 different countries had the unbelievable opportunity of spending two weeks in Beijing and Huangshan.

Through this splendid winter camp, the participants were able to accumulate knowledge on the Chinese culture, the history, the traditional cuisine, the development and urbanization in China.

The attendees were given a chance of climbing the Juyongguan, Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders in the world. Not only that, they visited the National Stadium (The Bird’s Nest), Olympiad where the 2008 Olympics was held.

The participants were also given a chance of making their own the locally well known “bouzi” dumplings. The Chinese cuisine is indeed very interesting and unique.

All the foreigners used chopsticks instead of the usual cutleries like the folk or the knife.

Though the food is completely different from the Pakistani cuisine, the food was enjoyed seated around the round table like one family.

To add further interest into this journey, the participants were then taken to Huangshan district which belongs to the Anhui Province of China. This district is known for its historical culture.

Roots Millennium Schools with CRI has been involved in the promotion of Mandarin via its Chinese language programme across Pakistan. An impressive number of students (5000 and above) are now enrolled in the CRI-Roots Confucius Classroom at Roots Millennium Schools, Islamabad and learning Mandarin from Grade 1 till 7 by a team of trained Chinese teachers through the support of CRI.