Pakistan being the member of the ‘United Nation Human Rights Council,’ advocated and stimulated human rights at this forum, in a robust way. Pakistan was the only major country that voiced against the grave human rights violations in India-held Kashmir. It took up the issue of state terrorism by Israel against Palestinians. It presented its strong stance on menace posed by drones to state sovereignty and human rights in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The recent setback would halt it from presenting and protecting its interests at the said forum.

Due to Pakistan’s defeat human rights violation in Kashmir may go unattended at the council. There would be no strong Islamic country for the advocacy of Islamic world, that is the mainly victim of human rights violations. West would assert undue pressure on Pakistan regarding amendments in blasphemy laws and abolition of death penalty that is integral part of sharia laws. Pakistan’s overthrow from the council would diminish its political and diplomatic worth at other UN’s agencies.

Therefore, Pakistan needs to introspect its foreign policies and strengthen ties with the world in general and Islamic countries especially, so that it would be able to get back its position at the HRC and in the international community.


Chiniot, October 20.