Now that India has herself brought the Kashmir issue under international focus by stupidly claiming to have carried out surgical strikes against us, which has appropriately alarmed the world powers of its escalation into a fully-fledged war between the two nuclear neighbouring states, Pakistan should make the most of this opportunity to its full advantage and to the advantage of our Kashmiri brethren.  

In that an all-out effort be made to demand the plebiscite under the 1948 UN Resolution to settle the 68-year-old long long outstanding dispute between the two countries due to which three conventional wars have already been fought and the fourth one that could be nuclear is in the offing. The very thought of such a war is horrendous as it would not remain confined to the subcontinent only but could engulf most of the rest of world as well. Along with it Pakistan must demand of India to stop the most inhumane kind of atrocities being perpetrated by the Indian armed forces upon the helpless unarmed Kashmiris where even old men, women and children are not being spared.  

Pakistan must boldly and unequivocally make it known to the Indians in particular and the world powers in general that from here onwards Pakistan will lend its full moral, psychological and relief support in all forms and kinds to the Kashmiris across the border. As a starter, Pakistan could ask India to allow it an air corridor for its C-130 aircraft to drop relief goods and supplies to the beleaguered Kashmiris who are under the 80th day of the curfew imposed upon them. It is high time that we also showed our muscle to our adversary who is now talking of stopping our waters and isolating us from the comity of the nations. I think time has come to say enough is enough. 


Rawalpindi, October 5.