In light of Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif’s vision, the present Punjab government is doing its best for the improvement of agricultural sector and farmer’s prosperity. The Kissan package from “khadim-e-Allaa” Punjab is also a key to route under which from the 50 billion rupees’ sharecroppers will get direct revenue of almost 163 billion rupees. Interest free loans will aid to increase production per acre. Kissan package is not only a name but it will bring revolution in the agricultural commodities production, extinction of poverty and food security. It is being supported by agricultural experts, leaders, farmer communities and developing agrarians. Moreover, ignoring latest technology we cannot even imagine to prove our agriculture sector so called backbone of country, Kissan package also included some budget for introducing latest technology to small landholders that will no doubt upsurge the yield. All farmer’s communities should keep in touch with the local agricultural offices to get more information about this aptitude from Punjab government.


Shakar Garh, October 5.