Indian troops fired across the LOC in Azaad Kashmir and Indian DG MO General Ranbir Singh affirmed this cowardly attack “Surgical strikes” which is totally rubbish. Pakistan denied India’s claim about surgical attack. DG ISPR General Asim Bajwa stated that “Pakistan has made it clear that if there are surgical stirkes on Pakistan’s soil they will respond accordingly”. Now in this situation Pakistan’s media should play their role very professionally and calmly do the reporting of pure facts and logic not copy Indian’s media who create distortions. It is quite common to see that every time India breaks the rules and fires at the LoC they pretend like it’s a great victory for them and moreover appreciate their military forces. They’re in the state of mind to provoke war you can see the lies in the footage of attacks. It is said that any country becomes successful whose public and leadership takes action with their mind and Pakistan should also act in accordance to this view. 


Karachi, September 30.