LAHORE -  The PML-N government in Punjab is feeling much relieved after the Supreme Court took the matter of the Panama leaks inquiry into its own hand and the PTI deferred the Islamabad closedown demonstration in the wake of it.

The city witnessed the life running normally last day which otherwise was marked by the strong apprehensions of widespread clashes and chaos on November 2 when the PTI was due to hold closedown of the federal capital. Salute to the SC which averted that gruesome situation.

Contrary to the hectic activity in the officialdom over the past week, no flurry was witnessed in the government quarters, police, administrative and bureaucratic circles for devising measures to frustrate the PTI show.

The ministers and the PML-N leaders were not seen incessantly interacting with the media to counter onsets of the PTI in moment to moment development. The Punjab CM ordered the police for setting free all the PTI workers taken into custody for violation of the section 144, and the Home Department refreshed the order by asking the police stations all over the province to release the political workers.

It was quite smooth throughout the province, as containers were placed almost nowhere in Punjab; Motorway was open for public transport of every sorts and the city roads, linked arteries had normal trafficking and public activity and no undue placement of the police contingents and barricades were made. Hence it was quite a comfortable day at the public level as well.

Another big comfort for the provincial government was lean movement of the PTI workers and the cavalcades from Punjab particularly Lahore, to Islamabad that otherwise could have vindicated a constant high exuberance of the PTI workers to the call of Imran Khan despite the fact, he has recalled the closedown call.

Imran Khan’s decision remained hot topic in the intellectual quarters where different connotations were given to the PTI chief’s act. Some said it was another U-turn by the PTI chief and big victory of the government. Others termed it a wise move wherein a start of a new battle where Khan has rest confidence in the Supreme Court and managed to avert the impression that he was acting under the influence of some outside powers to unnecessarily derail the democratic process.

The dominant thought was that the SC decision on the subject will go a long way in establishing rule of law in the country on the premise that everyone is equal before the court and the court are there as custodian of the rule of law. It will also serve a big blow to the corruption in politics as well as the trend of maligning the politicians if they are clean.

They said in trickle down, the decision will also improve the system by drawing lines against the corrupt and getting them in the hold through a mechanism which is more stringent and preventive departing from that which has been traditionally in practice in the past.

In the 18th constitutional amendment, the judiciary has been assigned a unique role to check military rule without compromising with its authority on any ground. And by assuming jurisdiction on the current political issue, which had entailed fears of once again derailment of the democracy, this institution has got a chance to play the same role in a new situation which was marked by the same apprehensions, they said. Now it appeared every eye is focused on the Supreme Court and the masses strongly feel that the institution will serve national interest to a greater degree.