Breast cancer is a lethal disease. According to health experts it is spreading gradually in Pakistan especially among young girls and married women. The rise in the occurrence of Jihad is because of the lack of awareness pertaining to the disease. According to statistics, one in every nine women becomes a victim of this deadly disease.

According to health experts, it is alarming situation that ninety thousand women have been a victim of breast cancer. Of this, forty thousand women have died. This is highest rate after Turkey.

Health experts have expressed concerns over an alarming growth rate of breast cancer in Pakistan and pointed out that as a result of WHO measures, growth of cancer in Africa was controlled.

Government of Pakistan should take notice of the spread of this disease. The government should supply provide proper medical equipments in hospitals and these facilities should be extended to hospitals at district level. Government should launch massive awareness campaign all over the country so that women of Pakistan could be aware of this fatal disease. This will ensure that the ratio of women who suffer from this disease will decrease.


Shikarpur, October 21.