October 17 is celebrated as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It is needless to remark that if we fail to eradicate poverty, poverty will surely succeed in eradicating us. At the moment around 1.70 billion people are trapped in the nefarious net of poverty. No doubt, poverty is a global issue which stymies billions from marching forward. It does bring a host of other problems with it. Broken health, ignorance, abject living conditions, child labor, depression and rising rate of suicides are the curses of poverty.

It stultifies the longings of its victims by shattering their long-cherished dreams. A poor person cannot have access to quality education, better health facilities, savory food and decent shelter. He has to rise before the sunrise and after laborious hours returns homeward under the starry sky to feed his family. It is a matter of routine for him but, appallingly, he only succeeds to keep his soul and body together without saving anything for future. It gives rise to child labour as well. A pauper, under the stress of needs, prefers to set his children to earn some money instead of flipping the pages of books because to him survival matters much than getting education. This bleak picture is of that segment of the globe where peace still prevails. Then what about a person who is fated to drag through a war-ridden area?

At present, rich are growing richer and poor are becoming poorer. It means the economic disparity is instrumental in widening the gap between the haves and have nots. The accumulation of wealth in few chosen hands will result in chaos. Instead of waging war to occupy the resources of other countries, the world leaders should work out a plan to end the bane of poverty.


Mianwali, October 21.