There should be across the board accountability against corrupt elements irrespective of political affiliations or serving in civil and uniformed bureaucracy. Under no circumstances should any member of opposition be subjected to selective harassment. Pakistan was created to be a multi-party modern democratic welfare state, with supremacy of constitution. The right of dissent is the essence of democracy.

MAJ ‘s Pakistan was never meant to be a One-Party fascist state, nor did its founding fathers visualize this country to be subjected to dictatorship, either civil or military. The psyche of people of Pakistan would never tolerate a Sisi type dictatorial rule. Had Ayub Khan not intervened and First Constituent Assembly not dismissed, democracy would have taken roots. MAJ ‘s vision would have become a reality and this country and its citizens enjoyed fruits of welfare state, with the State investing in development of human resources through subsidized education, health and provision of basic necessities of life.

Ever since Ayub banned politicians of integrity through EBDO, politics became prey to corrupt individuals. Ayub preferred One Party rule and made mockery of MAJ ‘s vision when he manipulated his brother to be leader of opposition. His tenure facilitated intrusion of controversial individuals into politics, including those who had served British Raj and members of corrupt bureaucracy and police whom Quaid referred to as one of the biggest curse which India is suffering is bribery and corruption. Corruption became institutionalized when Gandhara Motors was gifted for not listening to China’s advice to intervene in 1962 Sino- India war and free Kashmir. He introduced curse of plot allotments to paid public office holders and today Pakistan has become a haven for Land Mafia Dons and sanctuary for extremists and terrorists, a legacy of Zia junta.


Lahore, October 22.