Pollution is the most serious global problem which has even endangered human race on the earth. A lot of things and factors contribute in polluting the environment. If we are skilled enough to recognize control these factors, this will help us in reducing the pollution. One such dangerous pollutant is the polythene shopping bags.

According to an estimate, more than two shopping bags are used annually in Pakistan. You can find them from small corner shops to the large shopping malls. They are of every size, color and design. Every type of commodity is packed in them before handing it over to the customers. The customers are so used to these bags that nothing is accepted without them. They are seldom reused and never recycled and hence thrown in garbage. Mostly the garbage is packed in them. They are seen wandering everywhere. The serious fact is that they take dozens of years in decomposition, and hence their number is increasing around us day by day. They are a dangerous pollutant and are a strong cause of spreading it. Especially, in urban areas, they cause many serious problems like sewerage blocking. They destroy the aesthetic beauty of many places.

This problem varies in intensity in different countries. In most of the developed countries, we find no shopping bags and their pollution. The reason is awareness and sense of responsibility about the problem among masses. To create awareness is the duty of government and responsibility must be felt by the people. A few countries have reacted to this problem by strong legislation; for example, in Kenya to use shopping bags is a criminal act. If we want to solve this problem, we will have to use both these strategies that is a strong awareness campaign among masses and an effective legislation by the government.


Faisalabad, October 20.