ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has reserved over 105.5 acres land for establishment of four graveyards in rural areas of the city.

To meet the burial requirements of rural area population, graveyards would be established in Humak Model Town, National Park Area, Ali Pur Farsh and Lakhwal area. 

This step of the authority will help end the difficulties of the residents which they have to face for burying their loved ones.

Population in the rural area of the city is increasing day by day as numbers of new settlers are increasing there. Population of the rural area particularly, new settlers are facing problems as there is no space to bury their loved ones.

Though there are few ancient graveyards but these are not meeting the requirements. Resultantly, the residents have to move to their native areas to perform the funeral of their loved ones.       

In order to sort this issue, CDA management took up the matter and directed the Planning Wing to carry out an exercise in a manner that the whole rural area of the city could be covered.

In this context, four sites were identified for establishing graveyards. After a thorough exercise a consolidated case was placed before CDA Board during its meeting last month which was subsequently approved.

These graveyards would be developed on the pattern of the municipal graveyards developed for meeting burial requirements of population residing in Islamabad.