Pakistan is a country where justice and laws are different for rich and poor like many other things, even prisoners are treated unequally and as per class system. Here the poor and petty criminals are treated in bad way and they’re jailed in C Class Prison while rich ones who robbed billions of Dollar$ are treated in good way and jailed in luxury A class jail, petty criminals are killed by the Police, mobs in the streets but the real robbers are in suits and tie are saluted by the same ‘mercenary’ police an extended arms wings of mafia.

Recently a mentally ill person was killed by the Panjab Police in Rahim Yar Khan for vandalizing ATM machine but those real real robbers the mega corrupts are who robbed billions of Dollars$ are VIP rooms in jails with flat screens TV, mobile, sofa bad, favorite dresses with no jail number and home cooked meals, one could have kids while in Prison. That’s not Prison sentence, it looks like famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s Prison “La Catedral.” However these luxury facilities are provided to A Class prisoners are as per ‘Jail Act of 1978.’