LAHORE     -   Jamaat-i-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the imposition of draconian economic policies, rising unemployment and skyrocketing inflation are the hallmarks of the PTI government.

In a statement, he said the country was rapidly drifting towards the civil dictatorship and it was due to the government’s attitude which forced the opposition parties to become united.

He said the JI will contest next election individually, on its own symbol. He said the people were left with no other option but to vote for the JI in next election because they had already tested every political party in past seven decades. He said the JI if voted into power would bring the real change in the country based on the brilliant principles of Islam. Siraj directed the party workers to make full preparations for the local government polls in Sindh.

The JI chief said there was no difference in the policies of the PTI and the past government. He said the ruling party was representing the status quo and all its claims that it was a representative of change proved a pack of lies. He said the government had lost its credibility only in a year of its rule due to its arrogance and anti-poor policies. It frustrated, he added, all the hopes that political and economical stability will establish in the country in near future. He said the inflation and unemployment were the real issues facing the country at present.

He said the government did nothing practical in support of the people of Kashmir. He also regretted the attitude of the opposition parties who put the Kashmir cause on back burner. He said only JI held countrywide rallies and marches in support of the besieged people of the Indian Held Kashmir. The JI led marches were participated by millions of people in all major cities of Pakistan and AJK, he added.