ISLAMABAD     -      Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam - Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said Saturday their target was not to reach the D-Chwok but to topple the incumbent government through power of masses.

Addressing the marchers here in Islamabad, he said all the opposition parties including the Pakistan PML-N and PPP were on the same page and wanted to send the ‘fake’ prime minister back to home.

About waving of Afghan Taliban flag in the protest, the JUI-F chief said delegations of Afghan Taliban were officially welcomed in Pakistan, therefore, criticism over presence of such flags was nothing but an attempt to spoil the Azadi March. He further said that United States held peace talks with Taliban leadership in presidential protocol, saying they were given such protocol in Moscow as well. He said it was beyond comprehension that why media was criticising presence of Taliban flag in the protest march.

Talking about coverage, he said not only Indian channels but the entire international media was covering the Azadi March. Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that coverage by Indian channels of the Azadi March was not creating a good impression, he maintained. Maulana urged the government not to use failed tactics, otherwise this gathering of masses was enough for entire Islamabad. He said more people were joining the protest march so government should also be prepared for such people too.

He regretted that Islamabad administration had breached the agreement as all roads were closed for traffic, however, they were still following the agreement made with the administration. He claimed that opposition’s Rehbar Committee had also recommended for moving forward to the D-Chwok. Fazl said marchers also wanted to move towards the D-Chwok and stay there till resignation of the PM. He said they were there for democratic and constitutional rights of the people of Pakistan. Fazl added that they will keep on protesting till resignation of the PM as he had come to power after rigged elections.

Lashing out at the foreign policy of the government, he said, besides losing Kashmir, all other neighbours including Afghanistan and China were not happy with Pakistan. He said that all that happened due to failed foreign policy of the incumbent government.

The JUI-F chief said due to failed foreign policy of the current government, Pakistan was standing isolated in the global community and it had posed a huge threat to sovereignty of Pakistan. Talking about the less participation of women workers in the protest, Maulana Fazl said no one had stopped the women workers from taking part in the protest. He claimed that women across the country were part of the Azadi March at their homes as they were praying for this struggle for rights.