MUZFFARGARH - Growers and farmers have feared huge losses due to large scale devastation caused by locusts attack to ready cotton crop in various areas of the district.

The agricultural experts pointed out that locusts have migrated from Cholistan Desert and Thal Desert and have attacked large area in Tehsil Jatoi. The awareness teams from agriculture department are visiting the affected areas and inform the people to do not let them settle in their cotton fields by beating the drums and producing noise.

The severe affected of the district include: Sheher Sultan, Kalarwali, Kotla Gamun and Bait Mir Hazar where ready to harvest cotton crop has been damaged by the attacking locusts. The experts expressed their apprehension that next destination of the invading locusts might be District Dera Ghazi Khan. The affected growers and farmers have demanded the government to compensate the farmers for their losses and take remedial measures to check locusts attack in future.

They demanded the government the agriculture department should deploy permanent experts in the field to avert the creation of any such situation.

They asked the government that damage to cotton crop would directly damage the national economy so the government must take steps on war-footing.