KARACHI     -   City Mayor Wasim Akhtar said on Saturday “we need to make local bodies strong to strengthen democracy and problems of Karachi must be focused if we want to bring improvement in economic conditions”.

“This city has been devastated due to its division into six districts and creation of three development bodies. Civic organisations should be made for solving problems of citizens and not for political purposes,” he said while speaking at a ceremony in North Nazimabad where he distributed books to schools and libraries. The ceremony was organised by DMC Central and Rotary Club.

He said Karachi being the biggest city of the country with two ports could provide even more revenue if its problems are solved. “We need to give powers to local bodies for lifting garbage. About Rs1200 billion were spent annually in Sindh but no one knows where the money goes,” he said.

He said local bodies deliver when they get resources. “Private sector’s help stopped the educational decline.

No attention is being paid to education at the government level. In order to get an educated society, our youth needs to develop the habit of book reading,” he said.

Chairman of DMC Central Rehan Hashmi said what is the use of basic institutions if they are not allowed to perform basic municipal duties?

Faiz Qudwai of Rotary Club said “we have set higher standards of education as our target and mission and for this purpose we are helping schools in public sector”.