Howard Hughes Jr was an American business tycoon, entrepreneur, investor, aviator, aerospace engineer, inventor, filmmaker and philanthropist. During his lifetime, he was known as the wealthiest self-made man in the world. As a maverick film tycoon and as one of the greatest inventors in his time, there was nothing that he did not fully immerse his efforts into that he was unable to achieve. His aircraft, Hercules, which was also one of the first of its kind, is what sustained his legacy as an inventor for the ages. Where he came from a simple background, his imaginative sense and ideas is what really set him apart, whereas here in Pakistan, we more often than not label ‘the jack of all trades’ a failure. Setting limitations on the imaginative capabilities of our youth is perhaps our greatest failure as a nation.

“The Hercules’ was a monumental undertaking.

It is the largest aircraft ever built... I put the sweat

of my life into this thing.”

–Howard Hughes