ISLAMABAD - Maulana’s hint of a possible march towards D-Chowk has left the residents of federal capital even more fearful.

A specific area near Peshawar Morr was decided to carry the sit-in protest after negotiations between Maulana and the government. It has been two days since Maulana with his mammoth following entered the capital and surfaced Peshawar Morr for sit-in protest. 

The administration of Islamabad is so far efficiently controlling this massive crowd of nearly 60,000 people. On the other hand, the protesters are also not furious and instead are behaving in a civilised manner. However, residents of Islamabad believe that the possibility of Maulana’s march to D-chowk would jolt the city and as a result they will be the ones suffering.

In an exclusive talk with The Nation, President of Pakistan Traders Community Ajmal Baloch stated, “Conditions right now are very tense. People are scared to come out of their homes.” 

He also briefed about the markets of the city which were falling short of both supply and demand. He further stressed that if Maulana carries his protest and march towards D-chowk, the conditions will become even worse for common people and will cost the economy in billions.

Islamabad Marriage Hall Association President Mr. Asif told The Nation, “Sit-in has not caused much loss to marriage halls in financial terms as travelling inside the city is still possible and people are managing to find alternative routes.” One of the wholesalers of Islamabad main fruit market, Ameer Khan, told The Nation, “There are no costumers in the market and supply is also not coming because of the blocked routes.” The administration of Islamabad is blocking every road towards D-chowk or red-zone. More and more routes are getting blocked. Now the question is, if Maulana tries to march towards D-chowk, how much the residents of Islamabad will suffer?

How far will the government go to stop this march? How will the protesters retaliate? How far will these confrontations go? These few questions have gripped the residents of Islamabad in fear.