126 children have been raped in Lahore alone, during the last seven months. Were they raped because the kids were not wearing Abaya? Many campaigns were staged to give awareness about

A child died of dog bite as no vaccine was available in a Larkana hospital though nuclear bombs weighing half a kilo were available in the state inventory.

The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are the worst affected cities with 163 cases of dengue fever recorded in the last 24 hours. A high level meeting to counter the menace was held today where it was decided that the ISPR would soon release a song: “Dengue ja ja yahan sey nikal ja.”

“Ghotki riots against Hindu minority are a conspiracy against my forthcoming address to the UN General Assembly” PM Imran Khan. Well sir what about the blasphemy law and the discriminatory clauses in the constitution? Are these also a conspiracy against your UN address?

From now onward, Punjab hospitals will not supply cancer treatment drugs free of cost. As the Punjab Department of Health is looked after by PTI’s Dr. Yasmin Rashid, perhaps cancer patients would be looked after by Allah Almighty.

Mohsin Dawar & Ali Wazir have been released today on bail. After four months detention in jail, the state must realize that every day they spent behind the bars enhanced their strength and credibility while the state lost both.

Dr. Namrita, a final year BDS student at a dental college in Larkana was found dead in her hostel room. Her brother Dr. Vishal Sundar says she was murdered. If our outcry on Kashmir is over, we may also seek justice for this girl killed in our own backyard and who also happened to be a patriotic citizen of the “State of Medina!”