LAHORE - Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Monday urged the traffic chief to resume permanent driving licence facility at its premises, in order to facilitate the business community for the sake of saving their time and avoid gathering at regular driving licence centres. The LCCI President Mian Tariq Misbah made this request to Chief Traffic Officer Capt. (retired), Syed Hammad Abid while talking to him here at LCCI. Chief Traffic Officer Lahore Captain (retired), Syed Hammad Abid, said that the process of e-Challan had been further improved. 

Keeping in view the need of social distance, the department had improved the digitalization as the e-Challans could now be paid online so that people did not have to go to bank and stand in the queue. It was essential to control the spread of coronavirus.

He added that the process of digitalization had also improved the transparency and about Rs 31 million had been paid in national exchequer in this connection.  The unpaid e-challans which were being manually handled were now automatically get forwarded to Traffic Magistrates. Responding to the remarks of LCCI President about the traffic problems caused by motorcyclists, he said that more than 4.2 million motorcycles were registered in Lahore and when such motorcycles were added which were registered in other cities, the count went to about six million.  Roughly five to seven  lacs four-wheeler vehicles commuted in Lahore and the department was managing all this traffic load with limited resources. Captain (retired), Syed Hammad Abid said that 18 Licence Centres had been upgraded with online system called Raasta. The applicants could download this app on their cell phones and had the appointment fixed by just entering their CNIC. A message would appear on their cell phone mentioning the date and time of test and interview.  This was how the applicants did not have to wait at the said centres. 

He said that almost two hundred thousand people had benefited from this facility. He said that despite having shortage of funds and required manpower, the department was providing all these services to facilitate the public. Reacting to unauthorized speed-breakers made of steel, the CTO Lahore said these speed-breakers should immediately be removed to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the city and avoid the damage of tires because of them. He assured that on the identification of LCCI, the department would dismantle unauthorized speed-breakers and in this connection, no one would be allowed to violate the law.

He added the department was going to start a campaign to create awareness among the motorcyclists as to how they should show more responsibility and maturity while driving on the road. He said this kind of education should also be provided at school and college levels so that youth was made responsive about it.

President LCCI Mian Tariq Misbah referred to good working relations between the traffic police and LCCI and urged to further develop a functioning liaison for the facilitation of the business community. 

He stressed upon the need of resuming the premises of Lahore Chamber for taking driving tests and once again issuing driving licences. Mian Tariq Misbah thanked the CTO, Lahore for successfully managing the driving licence centre in LCCI which was renewing the driving licenses as well as issuing driving learner permits. Senior Vice-President  Nasir Hameed Khan and Vice-President  Tahir Manzoor Ch raised this point that majority of the markets were located in densely populated areas of city where unregulated traffic caused traffic jams and slowed down the flow of traffic. They demanded to increase the number of designated traffic wardens to regulate the traffic flow. 

The CTO, Lahore gave his assurance that he would continue to extend full cooperation to the business community.