Lahore - In a major blow to Al-Qaeda, the CTD Punjab and ISI CTW, in a joint intelligence-based operation (IBO) in the limits of Goth Mazari Tehsil Rojhan District Rajanpur, arrested five important members of AQIS (Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent) Network.

The CTD, while smashing Al-Qaeda network in Rajhanpur, also recovered suicide jackets, hand grenades, arms and ammunition.

The joint team had been gathering intelligence about the network for last several months. The network was shifting from Balochistan to Rajanpur. They were also planning to launch terrorist attacks on vital installations in South Punjab. When the info was ripe, an IBO was conducted.

Recoveries from them include suicide jackets, hand grenades, kalashnikov rifles, pistols and ammunition. 

The terrorists who were arrested during the operation are Ejaz Ali Khan alias Waqas, Saghir Ehtesham, Jabir Ehtasham, Anwer Khan alias Mufti Abdullah and Kamran Zahid alias Asad. 

Investigation has been launched. Important disclosures are expected regarding AQIS Network in Pakistan.