LAHORE   -  Ed Sheeran has donated one of his paintings to his parents’ Made In Suffolk Legacy auction, it was revealed recently. The singer, 29, has decided to give a colorful abstract painting titled Dab 2 2020, which he made for his father John as he refers to him by the nickname Dab. According to the auction, Ed has never made any of his paintings for sale so this is a rare item for those looking to add to their collection. Ed is said to have started painting following the end of his grueling Divide Tour across the globe, which ended in the Summer of 2019. The bright and colorful painting was made by Ed using household paints on a large square canvas, and is now open for bids. Discussing the painting, Ed’s father John said: ‘Ed has been creating art since he was a child. This energetic, expressive painting is such a positive affirmation of life. It’s like a visual equivalent of one of his upbeat songs.’