ISLAMABAD  -  The 23 year old Manchester United ace’s campaign to ensure vulnerable children were fed, saw the scheme extended throughout the summer holidays despite an original insistence that the initiative would not continue outside term time. The Government’s decision to vote against extending free school meals recently was met by staunch defiance from Rashford, who vowed to continue to advocate for change. The star was surprising fellow award winner Emmie Narayan-Nicholas in Manchester, who battled leukaemia and started providing food for parents living at their sick children’s bedsides - when he was given a Special Recognition Award by Ashley and Jordan Banjo. Marcus, who received thousands of nominations, said: ‘No way!’ as he was given his award.  He said: ‘Ultimately no kids should miss meals. For me that should be just standard no matter where you come from. If we get that as the new normal then we have made a lot of strides forward.’