ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party yesterday alleged that the federal government tried to oust a Supreme Court judge with mala fide intentions.

Senior PPP leader Taj Haider said the opposi­tion cannot promote a judge of the Supreme Court as there was a set procedure for promotion of judges based on their respective seniority. 

“It is the government which with mala fide in­tentions duly noted by the Supreme Court in their Judgment of 23 Oc­tober 2020 had through concocted charges tried to oust a highly respected Judge,” Haider, a Member of the PPP Core Commit­tee, said in a statement.

He said Prime Min­ister Imran Khan in a “thoughtless outburst of sentiments” had exposed and proved his “mala fide against the said judge once again” in his speech in Gilgit on November 1. 

He said the Prime Min­ister in his Gilgit speech, while attacking the op­position and offering incentives to voters was committing violation of the Code of Conduct of Gilgit Baltistan Elections and Electoral Laws. 

“What an irony that a habitual law breaker has the cheek to continue his tirade against a highly re­spected judge of the Su­preme Court. What was this outburst if not a pre­determined Contempt of Court,” he added.