LAHORE   -  Ajoka institute’s established its leadership in its pioneering work of developing virtual theatre by producing a fully live-streamed online play titled “Parday Mein Rehnay Do”. The play included short dramatic satirical pieces on the theme of mask and face-veil. “Parday Main Rehny Do” reflected the current situation of the society with a fun filled strong plot and punchy dialogues.

There are political leaders, police officers, young lovers, all having their own masks to cover their faces. The compulsion of wearing face masks during the on-going Pandemic gives the symbolism an interesting twist. Different sections of society use different types of masks to hide their true intentions. The play was premiered virtually on Facebook and other platforms and is also available on Ajoka’s Youtube channel. The play used “veil” as a metaphor for double standards and hypocrisy in society. The play was directed by Institute director Nirvaan Nadeem and performed by students of Ajoka’s acting class students.

The cast included Madeeha Syed, Belal Tariq, Sofia Younas and Noman Riaz. Nirvaan Nadeem congratulated the young actors for their inspiring performance. He said that ‘Parday Main Rehny Do’ is third original online production, which Ajoka has produced since the on ground performances were restricted due to the   corona pandemic.

Besides entertaining the audience, the play also highlighted important social issues. which has always been the hallmark of Ajoka”.