The private schools, which are doing business, are ruining the students’ and teachers’ lives. It is sad to note that private schools which have become a big business in Pakistan, refused to pay their teachers during the lockdown, citing great losses and lack of funds, despite receiving regular fees from parents in each month.

Secondly, after knowing the truth about private schools of Turbat, it compelled me to highlight the issue which the students are facing.

“It is incomprehensible, especially for me to understand what teachers teach in the class because more than 50 students are in the same class in which I am,” quoted Shah Jan Baloch student of 9th class in a private school Turbat.

Keeping a distance is a vaccine during Covid-19 pandemic that prevents spreading the virus; but sadly, some private schools’ administrations have given more value to the money rather than children precious lives. In fact, in one room, they have compelled more than 40 or 50 students to stay, even though it is a risk during the pandemic. They open the admissions for newcomers despite having no proper space for the students in their classrooms.

Relief can only be provided by the government that should learn about the misery being faced by students and teachers and take all possible measures to set things right.