LAHORE - Punjab Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that the decision of Sindh Government to increase the price of wheat up to Rs 2,000 per mond is unwise which not only create imbalance in the market but also rise flour prices sharply. 

In his reaction, Abdul Aleem Khan said that this move of Sindh government would increase the role of middle man in the market and besides inflation, it would not be possible for farmers to cultivate any other crop other than wheat. 

He said that it was important to keep the prices of wheat in line with the global market and if the prices were high then wheat could not be exported and would remain surplus in country. 

Aleem said that the Punjab government has recommended a price of Rs 1,600 to 1,700 per mond of wheat which is realistic. He said that Punjab government is providing wheat to flour mills at Rs 1,475 per mond after which a 20 kg bag of flour is being given at Rs 860. He questioned that if wheat is purchased at Rs 2,000 per mond then the flour will not be in the access of common man. 

He pointed out that Punjab government was indebted to the tune of Rs 450 billion for subsidy on wheat and monthly a heavy amount is being spent in this regard.

Aleem Khan said that the Sindh government had also shown negligence and incompetence earlier in releasing wheat to the flour mills on time and now another inappropriate step has been taken by fixing the price of wheat at Rs 2,000 per mond. This decision should be reconsidered as no government can afford such an expensive wheat, Aleem Khan concluded.