KARACHI Imran Shahzad clinched one of the two places in Pakistan team for the World Amateur Snooker Cup when he entered the final of the Del Monte Snooker Cup defeating Shahram Changezi by six frames to five in the first semi-final here on Saturday at Karachi Club. The best-of-11-frame semi-final went to the wire and was decided in favour of the Punjab player who clinched the decisive 11th frame 75-16 to reach the final. The finalists of the 16-player Del Monte Snooker Cup will automatically win berths in the two-player Pakistan team which will appear in the World Amateur Snooker Championship in Syria in coming December. The score in the semi-final for Imran Shahzad was 50-55, 57-17, 78-33, 72-46, 63-49, 63-75, 46-60, 35-73, 57-60, 59-24, 75-16. The second semi-final between Sohail Shahzad of Sindh and Muhammad Asif Toba of Punjab was tied at four frames all around six in the evening. The winner of this second semi-final will join Imran Shahzad in the national team. Favorites of the championship Mohammed Sajjad and Asjad Iqbal, both from Punjab, made their exit at the end of the two-group league round. The two failed to clinch a place in two top places in the league round which would have given them berths in the penultimate round.