LAHORE - Enraged lawyers on Saturday thrashed the media outside the Aiwan-e-Adl when they (lawyers) were chanting slogans against the police, government and LHC CJ Khawaja Muhammad Sharif. Scuffle between the lawyers and mediamen started when journalists asked them to care about their cameras and other gadgets they were using for the purpose of coverage, as lawyers were trying to pummel everything they want to do on road. The lawyers did not care about the complaint of the mediamen and continued their rough behaviour, on which the media men unanimously boycotted the show (protest) of lawyers and chanted anti-lawyers slogans for their violent behaviour with the media also. Media representatives condemned such behaviour of lawyers with the media, on which lawyers in the leadership of LBA president Sajid Bashir returned to their bar room from Nasir Bagh Chowk. Bashir said that LBA would take action against the lawyers if media points out such lawyers who tried to fight with the mediamen, saying all the arrested lawyers have been released with the efforts of the unbiased and fact-based coverage of the media. He also condemned the incident and said that LBA was thankful to media for the coverage. Lawyers bodies flay police torture Lawyers bodies have condemned the torture of police on lawyers and demanded action against those police officers who were responsible of the scuffle between police and lawyers. Meanwhile, a meeting of judges of lower courts at Aiwan-e-Adl decided to go on strike till return of the District and Sessions Judge Lahore Sheikh Zawar Ahmad. They said in the meeting that they would not work till the arrival of Sheikh Zawar Ahmad in his court. They said that the judge was an honest person and lawyers had no personal clash with him. They said that it was the principled stand that Zawar should come back in his court. Muhammad Akram, a candidate for the presidential slot of SCBA election, slated torture on lawyers and stated that all the elements including police officers had been exposed. He also demanded action against those police officers who danced after beating lawyers. Police should not be allowed to enter Lahore High Court and other lower courts in future. Akram said that judges who had offered resignations and went on strike while becoming the party in the matter of the transfer of Lahore D&SJ should be dealt with severe action by the responsible authority. Lahore High Court public relations officer said that so far LHC had not issued any orders regarding those judges who offered their resignations inclusive of those who decided to go on strike on their own.