LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar, organised by the Minhaj University in collaboration with the Azan Educational and Research Institute, Iran, have stressed the Ummah to make the European Union as a role model and get united setting aside all differences. They said that the Muslim Ummah in general and Pakistan in particular were confronted with the scourges of terrorism and lawlessness. In a bid to seek guidance and intellectual input from scholars of national and international repute, the seminar on 'Role of Universities and Seminaries in Promotion of Peaceful Co-existence was held which was also attended by a delegation comprising of intellectuals of the Iranian Universities. Other leading scholars and ulema who spoke on the occasion included Dr Mazhar Mueen, Ghulam Muhammad Fakhruddin, Dr Ibrahim from Azhar University, Egypt, Dr Kherat Muhammad Ibn-e-Rasa, Ali Mekan, Iranian Consulate General, Dr Ihsan Malik, Dr Shaukat Ali, Dr Asma Mamdot and SM Zafar. They said the European Union set aside all their differences and hundreds years old enmity and established their union while they did not lose their identity. They suggested the Muslim countries also set up a Muslim Block, issue a single currency like the EU and turn the whole region into a passport free area for the whole Ummah. They said that seminaries of all factions were teaching the syllabus which was 95 per cent common but we instead of promoting our likeness and similarity, our stress remains on differences which were not more than five per cent. They said we ourselves were responsible for our backwardness, illiteracy and differences among us. We should not blame the US or West for our deficiencies, they added. They pointed out that lack of education about true Islam is also one of the reasons behind our disintegration. They hailed the Iranian revolution and its services for the promotion of peace and co-existence in the region. The speakers said that the majority of the Muslim countries public were suffering form psychological pressure as a result of these problems. They said such trying circumstances always come in the lives of the nation but the living nations take on these challenges head-on and pass these tests with flying colours provided the academicians and intelligentsia play their due role in guiding their peoples. The organizers of the seminar, on this occasion, also announced the sapling campaign, in view of lessening pollution, which results in to stress and tension among the public. They announced that Minhaj University would start planting around 6 million saplings throughout the country from Feb 19 next year.