KARACHI (PR) - Royal TV started series of programmes apparently aimed at exposing corruption and influence in high offices. In one of these programmes, Royal TV started making absurd and incorrect allegations against National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and its senior management. Recently, Royal TV in its programme Straight Talk hosted by Faisal Butt began making direct attacks against NBP, its senior management and its performance of last 10 years. Efforts by NBP to correct the factually misguiding reporting were frustrated because Royal TV refused to show frill explanation. Having no other remedy, NBP through Senior Counsel Nafees A. Siddiqi, Advocate Supreme Court and Barrister Waleed Khanzada filed a defamation suit against the Royal TV, its news anchors and its management in Sindh High Court at Karachi. In its Suit, NBP has brought to the notice of the court that the malicious and vindictive campaign of baseless allegations, incorrect and legally untenable statements/ representation against NBP (which is the largest bank in Pakistan having more than 1250 branches in Pakistan and operates in 27 countries around the World) being conducted by Royal TV through its news channel is aimed at placing NBP under pressure to grant Royal TV and its sister concerns Financial Favours. In June 2010. Royal TV demanded advertisement for their channel of rupees 1m per month. Furthermore, loan of Rs 336.16m for their traveling company namely Royal Pak Traveling Services.