ISLAMABAD - Once again the PPP-led Government is planning to deprive career Foreign Service officers by making political appointments to ambassadorial posts. Sources state that the Foreign Services diplomats intend to oppose the move at any cost. There are currently a number of Pakistani Ambassadors that are near completing their tenure, including Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Omer Khan Ali Sherzai and Ambassador to Syria Ammen-ul-Raisani. Higher authorities of Ministry of Foreign Affairs were planning reshuffling and replacements of Ambassadors. According to a source, some of the politically appointed Ambassadors were likely to secure extension while others were trying to get station of their choice. Among them, Ameen-ul-Raisani, who enjoys good relations with President Asif Ali Zardari, is likely to be appointed as Pakistans Ambassador in UAE. Following the news of Ameen-ul-Raisani being named as news Ambassador to UAE, a wave of fear has been spread among teaching staff of as many as eight Pakistani schools being run under Embassy of Pakistan in the UAE. It is important to mention here that Ameen-ul-Raisani, who, after 5 months of his arrival in Syria, fired the entire staff of Pakistan Embassay School in Syria and appointed his immediate family as the staff. Now Ameen-ul-Raisani is now being given a promotion and is being appointed as Ambassador of Pakistan in UAE, informed a source on Saturday. However, this correspondent could not get an official version on this. Interestingly, Raisani will be taking over the post after the current ambassador, who is a former Nazim of Larkana, vacates the post to attend to flood relief activities in his city, said the sources. An embassy official, requesting anonymity, revealed that they have been given the head ups that Raisani will be arriving in Abu Dhabi first week of November and the official notification from the foreign office will come then only. The 700,000 strong Pakistani community will be deeply demoralised if such an appointment happens, it is said. Utterly alarmed, career diplomats are said to believe that the politicisation of bureaucracy has taken a toll on its efficiency. The junior career officers once given chances, performed wonders in African and Asian countries, but the political ambassadors when landed in the country started losing every gain. According to inside sources, mid-level diplomats have established a committee to collect donations from colleagues to help pay attorneys fees to prepare its case before the political ambassadors get extensions. It has been further learned from email communications that response from officers of the cadre abroad has been overwhelmingly positive. This is the second time that career diplomats have joined hands to achieve a common goal. Earlier, they succeeded in the cancellation of appointment of a DMG group officer as ambassador in France, informed a source, adding that it would be very difficult for big bosses of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to defend it, because some of the middle ranking officers had threatened to resign from their jobs. It is said that the middle career diplomats have decided to explain it in their resignation that they had found no charm in the service in the presence of well-connected outsiders (politically appointed non-career diplomats). The appointments of the political ambassadors effectively curtails the chances of postings for the officers of the cadre. At present, all the lucrative posts are being occupied by non-career persons, belonging to various professions from teachers to journalists, bankers, etc. Last year, the appointment of a grade-20 District Management Group (DMG) officer as Pakistans ambassador to France had sparked inter-service opposition between the two top groups of the civil bureaucracy, and the Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP) determined not to gulp down that appointment. Although the career diplomats got his posting cancelled with the Prime Ministers intervention, yet the appointment of the political persons at the lucrative places continued without any hindrance. At present, there are 18 politically appointed ambassadors; including some working professors who have spent millions on their scholarships to learn research but have deserted their positions to enjoy the perks and privileges at the cost of States interests. These lateral entrants hold 30 percent of the ambassadorial posts, which include the best missions. Almost all the main worlds capitals - Washington, New York (United Nations), London, Paris, Riyadh, Tehran, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi and Doha - have political appointees, while career diplomats have been posted in less important stations and capitals. Interestingly, some very senior officers of high repute have been serving in the Ministry without posting for the last three to four years with hope of consideration. It is also widely believed that Pakistans Ambassador to Abu Dhabi Khursheed Junejo and in Saudi Arabia Alisher Zai are creating a bad reputation for the country on account of their mysterious activities.