ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has cautioned the government to take immediate, appropriate and well coordinated steps to help the flood affectees stand on their feet, otherwise, severe hunger and increased poverty would grip their lives thus pushing the country further into darkness. Imran Khan talking to the media persons on Saturday at a hotel said that an amount of Rs105 billion had been collected to help the flood affected people of the country but only Rs22.2 million were spent so far which included expense of Rs10 million for a 30-bed hospital in Jamshoro (Sindh). He further said soon a free seed distribution campaign worth Rs600 million would start to help out the affected farmers of flood-hit areas across Pakistan. Through this programme, seeds would be distributed to farmers holding land up to five acres. Out of that quantity, seeds for four acres would be distributed for wheat and one-acre left would be used for fodder cultivation and for that too, seeds would be supplied free of cost to the farmers. Seeds procurement would start from October 4, he said, via tender and end on October 20. According to Khan, an amount of Rs600 million would be spent which would facilitate 200,000 farmer families and would cover whole of Pakistan in a sequential manner on the basis of wherever land is available for cultivation. Target of this free seed distribution is 0.33 million acres of flood-hit areas, he added. PTI Chairman also informed that only five per cent had been consumed on relief work and rest of 95pc collected aid would be spent on reconstruction and rehabilitation work in flood-affected areas. He said, Rs2.05 billion aid have been collected around the world from which Rs1.13 billion collected from Pakistan, Rs350 million from USA, Rs70 million from the United Kingdom and Rs0.5 billion have been collected for the ongoing housing projects. He said, The total value of the rehabilitation work currently underway was worth Rs500 million. As many as 600 trucks carrying relief items costing Rs180 million have been sent in Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK and Northern Areas of Pakistan. Imran Khan further appealed to the government, international and local NGOs, people of Pakistan and philanthropists to step forward in this time of difficulty and help the flood affectees, as food security in these areas has become an alarming threat.