For those who care to see there is a silver lining in the otherwise most devastating floods in history the country has recently experienced. No doubt, the floods caused immense damage to the land, contaminated water and disrupted our irrigation system. However, the overflowing waters have raised hope of a good fish catch. Fishermen, who suffer in times of water scarcity, feel that happier days lie ahead. Small dams on rivers and its tributaries might help a certain section of the population and would necessary for the country, but the government should keep in mind that since they disturb the flow of water and adversely affect marine ecology and thus cast a shadow on the fish industry. It is highly desirable that we attend to the needs of fish culture also, do something for a decent survival of those who are engaged in this business and, for the present, flip the coin of fate, rather than continue to cry over the milk that the floods have spilt. INSIYA SHABBIR, Karachi, September 29.