ISLAMABAD NATO owes Pakistan much more than hollow apologies for killing the countrys three security personnel in Thursdays unprovoked military strike. Apologies devoid of practical manifestation would not even slightly undo the damage done to the families of martyred soldiers. The firm and principled stance that Pakistans establishment had taken against the ever-growing and unbridled highhandedness of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in the bordering area of Pakistan has pushed the former on back foot. By rendering meaningless and superficial apologies, the NATO intends to wrap up the matter and get away with yet another blatant misadventure. Official sources said that Pakistan had accepted NATOs 'apology and it would resume the NATO supplies after NATO Headquarters in Brussels had communicated in writing, an unconditional apology to Pakistans military and civilian establishment. Surprisingly, neither NATO nor International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) offered any compensation for reckless and seemingly pre-planned infringement into Pakistans jurisdiction that claimed three precious lives. More surprisingly, neither the Government nor Pakistan Army demanded of the NATO and ISAF forces to offer a substantial compensation to the bereaved families of martyred soldiers. Instead of simply accepting the 'apology, Pakistan needs to categorically demand heavy compensation for the loss of lives of its soldiers. It has been a traditionally longstanding practice for US and NATO/ISAF forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistans North Western border areas to kill the civilians and local soldiers then offer apologies, and get away with it. This time, these forces must not be allowed to go scot-free for attacking Pakistans military picket. In addition, the Government also needs to announce financial assistance, besides other privileges, for its own soldiers who fell prey to NATOs terrorism. Pakistan Army would reportedly compensate the bereaved families of the martyrs but anything proposed in this regard, so far, is yet to be announced. Attacks on NATO tankers and convoys at Shikarpur and Khuzdar respectively, by unknown armed groups, in response to NATOs aggression, are clear reflections of the general sentiment that prevails against the Western military 'allies that keep challenging Pakistans sovereignty on one pretext or other. While Pakistans response to NATO could serve as a shut-up call to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief, Leon Panetta, who was dictating Islamabad the terms for North Waziristan operation, the country needs to forego its apologetic posture and devise an aggressive policy in pursuit of its national interests. Pakistan is the only country that has sacrificed maximum in this American war on terror.