Internet, a modern technology that science has bestowed on man, is the computers soul because without it the computer would not work. Thus, Internets importance is unquestionable in the world of today. It is both good and harmful for the students, depending upon how they make use of it. When they research a topic it brings them dividends, and greatly help in their studies and assignments. It has made our lives easier. We can read different books without any cost, we can look for different historical places of the world and know about other cultures and religions and their traditions. It is helpful to medical students in getting to know new medicines. Through Internet we communicate with our friends, living in the country or abroad. Though facebook is becoming popular and helps communicate with friends, it is being put to wrong use by a large number of people in our society, who promote vulgarity. Apart from a great distraction, it has a bad effect especially on the young minds. Its my humble request to the students, who you are our future leaders, politicians, doctors and engineers to show responsibility and concentrate on studies. SOBIA RASHEED, Karachi, September 30.