PESHAWAR For the third consecutive day supply for Nato remained suspended through Torkham border here on Saturday, as the government immediately halted it in reaction to Nato forces constant attacks inside Pakistan. The Nato forces had violated Pakistans airspace and in the latest incident, the forces had attacked a FC check post in Kurram Agency. As a result three FC men were martyred and three others injured. In reaction, Pakistan had to stop supply for Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan via Torkham checkpoint in Khyber Agency. The blockade via Torkham boarder of the Khyber Agency, a route mainly used for NATO supplies from Pakistan was ordered after the constant violation of Nato forces violation of Pakistans airspace as well as attacking a FC check post. Official sources said that for the third consecutive day supply for Nato forces remained stopped. They, however, maintained that other types of transportation continued into Afghanistan via the same route. Due to blockage of the supplies, long queues of trucks and oil tankers are waiting at Torkham boarder for restarting their journey, they informed. They said that long queues were creating many problems especially traffic jam as dozens of Nato supply containers have been parked on roadside. It is worth mentioning here that Torkham checkpoint between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is the main Nato supply route into Afghanistan, through which, supply was ensured for more than 152,000 US and NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan.