ISLAMABAD (Agencies) Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Saturday claimed the responsibility for the Fridays attack on the tankers carrying oil for Nato forces in Afghanistan. Azam Tariq, the banned terror organisations spokesman, said Talibans 'Siara Group, a part of Hakimullah Group, carried out the attack. He further warned to target all Nato supplies, for which the TTP men had been tasked around the country. He also claimed that although the Siara Group had been launched in South Waziristan but people from other areas were a part of the outfit.Tariq alleged that some journalists had become 'part of American propaganda and were 'using their pen against Taliban. The Taliban spokesman said the TTP fighters had reached different areas in South Waziristan and were fighting against the security forces. But at the same time, he stated that the attack Shikarpur was in retaliation of the killing of three Pakistani border guards by Nato helicopters.