A look at the country today would show that all is not well. Indeed, it would be difficult to point at an area of national life where matters are proceeding as they should, let alone well. Whether it be the national reaction to such natural disasters as the recent monsoon floods, or the dengue epidemic that has spread like wildfire and has claimed so many high-profile victims, there is much to be desired. These have merely added to the woes the ordinary man faces, with fuel prices going up yet again, making both goods and people more expensive to transport, and thus likely to set off yet another inflationary spiral; with law and order still out of the control of the government; and with foreign powers almost constantly threatening our sovereignty; the country presents a grim picture. There is, added to all that, a war scare: though it is said that tensions with the USA are cooling, it appears that the tensions exist to the extent that the USA has threatened invasion, even though Pakistan is supposed to be an ally, and a crucial one to boot, in its war on terror. This threat is the result of subservience by the Pakistani leadership to American wishes, and is the result of so much obedience. This alliance has become a burden which has not advanced national goals. Even the partisan goals which have prompted the alliance will be frustrated, and it will become clear to all American pawns that the USA will be checkmated, not its opponents. At this key juncture of national life, there is really no alternative but to hold fast to the ideological moorings underpinning the state, the vision of the Founding Fathers. It is only by turning to them that it is possible to overcome the crises that face us as a nation, and which we have to overcome if we are to survive. Apart from seeing Pakistan as a democratic Islamic welfare state, which implies that the government would solve the problems of the citizen, not allow them to pile up, as at present, the state must maintain its independence against all comers, not be subservient to any country.